Ontario Passes Law Restricting Window Tints

Ontario cyclists rejoice as new laws that limit the amount of allowable tint for windows of motor vehicles. The new laws forbade drivers from tinting their front windshields after market and state that both the front driver side and passenger side windows must block no more than 30 percent of light. New limitations on rear windshields are not included in these recently passed laws. Although the law was passed in July of 2016, it only affects cars built after January 1st, 2017.

Oliver Swainson, the manager of a cycling shop in Windsor, Ontario, claims that tinted windows impede on the ability of cyclists and pedestrians to make eye contact with drivers. This makes it difficult to know whether or not the driver sees them, and causes a sense of uneasiness and doubt amongst these who share the roadways and crosswalks with automobile operators.

A number of cyclists agree that the new laws will reduce “dooring” incidents as they may now have a clear view inside the vehicle as they approach, although rear window tints remain unaffected. However happy with the new laws, some believe that there is still more to be done in order to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists on busy streets.

Police departments are also praising the new laws, saying that excessive window tints make it difficult for officers to recognize distracted drivers, such as those who may be on their cell phones. They agree that amendments to Ontario’s laws around window tinting were long overdue, the last changes being made in 1990.

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